An efficient robust solution for:

software developers

currency traders

API - included

Regardless of the selected plan, you can easily access our API interface. It is primarily intended for customers who require integration of their systems with our platform.

Example applications:
  • stationary and internet exchange offices,
  • internet shops,
  • mobile applications,
  • currency converters,
  • other

Our API will fit perfectly wherever there is a need to check current currency rates or other forex instruments data.

Trader panel - included

Each of our customers gets access to efficient user panel, which displays market information in accessible way. All you need to access that panel is any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to internet and it has webbrowser installed.

List of functionalities:
  • easy and fast way to build custom table with market data - just select which instruments and in what order,
  • realtime chart of choosen forex instrument,
  • historical data for any choosen instrtument,
  • detailed information (with charts) about your current plan usage like connections number and data traffic

Our panel does not require any additional programs, it has also low technical requirements and it is available just after login. All this makes it perfect alternative to other complex competitive systems.

  • Three ways to receive data

    xChangeAPI gives you three easy ways to get live Forex data:

    • Dashboard web application (PC, Tablet, Smartphone),
    • WebSocket API,

  • Available data formats

    There are three available data formats:

    • JSON,
    • XML,
    • CSV,

  • Full Forex data

    We deliver comprehensive online exchange rate data for all curriencies and other financial instruments such as : gold, palladium or platinum etc.
    Full list is available here.

  • Rates archive

    In addition to the live courses, you can easily download or display archival data of any instrument supported by our platform.

  • Security

    Each of our clients receive access to at least two independent API servers. In addition, communication between you and our system can be encrypted.

  • Professional support

    Professional support is included. We are experienced in implementation of complex financial systems.

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